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No B.S. Dentistry for Dental Peeps - A Candid Handbook for the Light at Heart

Dr Steven G. Mautner and Dr Emily Letran are the authors of this book and have a combined expertise with more than 58 years in clinical dentistry. They are both practicing dentists with thriving practices and grow their business in challenging markets.

Dr Steven G. Mautner graduated from New York University, continuing his father's legacy as a dentist and has been a leader in his own way, showing off witty sarcasm in his famous Mauty's Blog, read by thousands of dentists.

Dr. Steven G. Mautner

Dr Emily Letran came to this country as a refugee from Viet Nam and has shared her journey and strategies for success on multiple platforms, including Dr. Howard Farran's "Dentistry Uncensored Podcast," her signature event ACTION To WIN and multiple international dental conferences. She is also the CEO of Exceptional Leverage, Inc., a high performance coaching and business consulting firm since 2015.

Dr. Emily Letran

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No BS Dentistry for Dental Peeps Book

Excerpt from "No Nonsense Dentistry For Dental Peeps"

"As Editor-In-Chief of The Profitable Dentist Magazine, I get a lot of dental books across my desk to review, but few have been as genuine and valuable to the average dental practice owner as “No B.S. Dentistry for Dental Peeps.”

Drs. Letran and Mautner are not a couple of those dentists who decide to write a book, so they fill pages with abstract ideas they swiped from some seminar, but never successfully implemented in their own practice. This book is filled with real advice, based on real experience by real dentists and practice owners.

Having known both Dr. Letran and Dr. Mautner personally for a few years, I’m absolutely comfortable recommending this book to dental students considering practice ownership, mid-career dentists struggling with the day-to-day realities of practice ownership, and “old timers” looking for real advice on how to re-energize their practice. Any of these dentists will find the stories and advice entertaining, valuable, and immediately implementable in their practice."

Stephen Parker, CEO, The Profitable Dentist

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